Back from Futur en Seine & VivaTechnology

Heasy was universally acclaimed by the media the past two weeks !

Heasy in the spotlight – just business as usual!

Heasy à Futur En Seine – France 3 Paris Île -de-France


Découvrez @Futur_en_Seine 2017 avec Marion et Jérôme

Heasy au 1945 de M6

The cameras ballet in front of Heasy’s iconic eyes was so impressive!

Jade Le Maitre, our Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder was interviewed for RTL Futur radio.

Heasy had a blast during the Vivatechnology Opening Party at the Hôtel de Ville de Paris!

As usual, Heasy did catch the attention of the crowd!

[BREAKING NEWS] The French President, M. Emmanuel Macron, stopped by to take a selfie with Heasy, in the midst of an ecstatic crowd. A strong signal for #LaFrenchTech!

© Martin Bureau (AFP) for Paris Match

Many thanks to all of you…
For this amazing two weeks at Futur en Seine and Vivatechnology